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LuvHertz.com is a
     free social network site
          designed to help you
     keep it real when it comes
                    to your love life.

Dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to dating advice, relationship advice and marriage advice, LuvHertz.com is the place to go to get meaningful and MEASURABLE feedback, advice and tips about your love life! LuvHertz helps you find out if your VIBE measures up!

LuvHertz.com is for
     everyone...from the seriously
           committed to the playing-the -fielders, from gay to straight and
               everywhere in between!

LuvHertz.com will help you decide if you should turn up the heat and take your Vibe to the next level, if your Vibe gets to stick around a bit longer or if it’s time for your Vibe to be Fried!

LuvHz.com is
     your relationship gauge!
               By keeping you on track, holding you accountable and
     by leaving no room for denial, your VibeMeter keeps you in check.

Benefit from Vicarious Hindsight today! By using the past relationship experiences of your friends and other members you can recognize winners and eliminate losers now, rather than waiting until tomorrow to see if your guess work paid off.

LuvHertz.com is easy to use!
          Just sign up using the form on the left to start Vibe'N now!

Once you're signed up, invite your friends, add your VIBES and start your LuvLog! Get the relationship advice you need by sending FREQUENCIES to your friends and by SURVEYING other members for dating advice. Rate your dating interactions and keep track of your relationship's progress using your VibeMeter!